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Flexible. Moves Around Your Home or Connect to Your Home Stereo.

HouseThe Livio Radio makes listening to Pandora and other Internet radio streams easier. Listen to Pandora anywhere in your home with the flexibility of Wi-Fi. The Livio Radio comes with a fixed-level stereo line out so you can hook it up to your home audio system or portable player. Plus it has an auxiliary input to accommodate any MP3 player or other audio source.

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Break Free from Your PC with
the Livio Radio featuring Pandora

The first and only dedicated device to offer Pandora's® signature "thumbs up, thumbs down" controls on both the front panel and a remote, the Livio® Radio puts you in command by allowing you to customize the music and programming you receive across any genre, from anywhere in the world, without a required monthly fee and independently of a computer.

The Livio Radio makes Pandora accessible to more people, in more places. The Livio Radio, through Pandora and the Music Genome Project™, gives its users the power to be their own personal DJ, one that actually pays attention to what listeners like and dislike. With its sleek design and set of features, the Livio Radio goes beyond providing access to free, personalized Internet radio available through Pandora. In the home, office, or anywhere a power source and a Web connection meet, it's a stand-alone radio that connects quickly and plays Internet radio programming through its own speaker. The Livio Radio does not require access to a computer interface or a mobile phone for everyday operation.

Works Independently of a Computer and Includes an Alarm Clock.

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The Livio Radio sets up in minutes and searches for your home or office wireless network with its built-in Wi-Fi antenna. It syncs with your existing Pandora account and allows you to create and manage stations independently of a computer. Plus on the back of the Livio Radio is an ethernet jack for plugging directly into your modem with the included ethernet cable. You can also use the Livio as an ALARM CLOCK to wake up to Pandora.

11,000 Internet Radio Stations

In addition to Pandora, the Livio Radio includes a comprehensive list of validated Internet radio stations from around the world. Search for programming by genre, location, or keyword. Looking for your favorite program but can't listen to it live? No problem. The Livio Radio supports podcasts as well. It even provides automatic station updates.

No Subscriptions. No Fees.

Why pay $880 for 3 years of satellite radio** or $1 for a single MP3? We don’t get it either. With the Livio Radio there are no fees. In fact right now there aren't even commercials. In the future you can always purchase a premium Pandora subscription for just $36 a year that provides a commercial-free listening experience and a high-quality 192 kbps stream on your computer. Also, currently unlike your PC, listening to Pandora on the Livio Radio does not limit you to the 40hr time cap. Sweet.

Pandora at Your Fingertips

The Livio Radio is the only device to have dedicated "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons. Your PC doesn’t have that!

Just reach over to give a song "thumbs up" on the Livio next to your desk, while the day's work goes uninterrupted on your computer. Or quickly give a song a "thumbs down" on the remote while preparing food in your kitchen.