jake sigal , music is the one common denominator that everyone can relate to. it is a true for of expression. i've been in music my entire life

The Hiring Process

Working in a start-up isn’t for everyone so we attract and hire only those who can be total rockstars.

Life at Livio

We aren’t normal and we like it that way.

Office Location

Believe it or not, there’s seriously cool cities in Michigan and we’re headquartered in one of them.

Student Site

Are you a student interested in working with us? We’re flattered. We made a page for you.


Why Work at Livio Radio?

We make really cool products that get music from Pandora, NPR and Grooveshark places like your home or car

It’s fun to work here, our parties rock and even the crew rocks out after hours with their own bands.

Think you’re down?  We’re hiring! Check out job listings here.