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The NPR Radio by Livio lets you tune to thousands of radio stations from around the globe and enables you to easily find NPR stations and programming, anywhere in your home, away from your computer. The NPR Radio by Livio is a stand alone internet radio that sets up in minutes and connects you to over 16,000 internet radio stations. What sets this radio apart is the exclusive NPR menu, allowing users to easily find, search and bookmark NPR stations, podcasts, and content, by topic or by program.



Catch your favorite NPR programs on your favorite NPR stations

NPR is an internationally acclaimed producer of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming. A privately supported, not-for-profit membership organization, NPR serves a growing audience of 27.5 million Americans each week in partnership with more than 860 independently operated, noncommercial public radio stations. Each NPR member station serves local audiences with its own combination of national and local programming.

Support your local NPR Member Station

NPR member stations bring a variety of programming to listeners on a daily basis. Your purchase of the NPR Radio by Livio will help local stations continue this tradition, bringing you creative and thought-provoking content from around the world.


No Subscriptions / No Fees

Join the digital radio revolution without paying monthly subscriptions or yearly plans. With the NPR Radio by Livio there are no fees. Not only do you get access to over 800 NPR member stations, but you also have over 16,000 Internet radio stations at your disposal. No contracts, no kidding.


Explore thousands of stations around the globe

In addition to the NPR stations, programs and music, you can tune to any of over 16,000 stations worldwide! Listen to Reggae music live from Jamaica. Tune in to your hometown sports station to get the updates on your team, or just explore and find your own new favorites.


How it works

While you do not need to have a computer to use the NPR Radio by Livio, you must have an internet connection with a wireless router, (or an available ethernet port for a wired connection.) Internet radio streams directly into the NPR Radio by Livio, giving you easy access to thousands of stations.


Livio Radio is Flexible

The NPR Radio by Livio uses the wireless internet connection in your home, so you aren’t tied to listening to your favorite programs in one room. You can put one anywhere you like to listen to great music, sports, news or talk radio, without worrying about antennas, static, or excess wires.

Key Features

  • Works independently from a computer, using either a wired or wireless Internet connection
  • Automatically updates with new stations and features
  • Exclusive NPR menu makes it easy to find more NPR Member stations and content
  • “Favorites” makes it simple to bookmark the best!
  • Plays through its own speaker or through your home stereo system
  • Searches for programming by genre, location or keyword
  • Auxiliary input allows you to listen to other devices too
  • Includes over 16,000 Internet radio stations through Reciva®

The NPR Radio by Livio will be available soon.

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All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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